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Unemployment benefits are offered to qualified employees in Texas who have been laid off or fired through no fault of their own.  These benefits are administered by the Texas Workforce Commission, and you must meet certain requirements to be eligible.  First, you must have earned a specific amount of wages during a 12 month period.  Second, you must have been fired or laid off due to a reason that is not misconduct connected with your work, or you must have quit your job for a well documented reason.  Third, you must be able to work and available to work while you are claiming benefits.

It is important to have an attorney assist you with the process of applying for unemployment benefits.  If your application for unemployment benefits is originally denied by the Texas Workforce Commission, it may be possible to overturn that decision in a telephonic hearing before a hearing officer.  That hearing is likely going to be your last opportunity to get the decision reversed, and it is at this stage that an attorney may be able to help you.